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Grayling Conservation

European Grayling Conservation, Ecology & Management - A Practical Conservation Guide for the United Kingdom

Grayling Biology

Review Of Grayling Biology (Dr. T. Northcote)

Spawning Grayling (Dr. Roy Shaw)

Grayling Eyes (Dr. Roger Hughes)

Passages For All Lowland River Fishes (Dr. Martyn Lucas)

Familiarity with a partner influences behavior (Hart et. al. 2014)

Hatchery Management of Grayling

Maerdy Hatchery Report (Rod Calbrade, Former Grayling Society Editor)

Grayling: The Journal of the Grayling Society

EA Grayling Research Contributions

The UK Environment Agency has kindly granted permission to present these documents. Each was produced as part of R & D projects that the EA had contributed funding to.

Grayling Genetics (Dawnay,Dawnay,Hughes,Cove,Taylor)

Validating the age of grayling (Horka, Ibbotson, Jones, Cove, Scott)

Grayling Development (Richard Cove, EA)

National Trout & Grayling Fisheries Strategy (Richard Cove, EA)

Seasonal Movement & Habitat Use of Grayling in the UK (Dr.Martyn Lucas)

Review of Grayling Ecology (A.T. Ibbotson et al)

Ceiriog Stocking Report (Richard Cove, EA)

Research Groups & Bibliography

Grayling Research Groups (Dr. Les Jervis)

Recent Literature Abstracts (Dr. Les Jervis)

Research Bibliography 2011 to 2017 (Dr. Les Jervis)

Research Bibliography to end of 2010 (Dr. Les Jervis)

GRT Chairman's Reports

Chairman's Report 2007

Chairman's Report 2008

Chairman's Report 2009

Chairman's Report 2010

Chairman's Report 2011

Chairman's Report 2012

Chairman's Report 2013


Grayling spawning

Grayling spawning in the River Frome

Grayling spawning in the River Dever at Bransbury

Brown trout & grayling in the River Dove (LADFFA)

Colorado Arctic grayling (history and ecology)

Biosecurity video - Prevent the spread of invasive species