Our Publications

The Grayling Society has published a number of guides, leaflets, and booklets, for the benefit of those interested in conservation and grayling. We have a regular programme of publications including reprints of older literature produced by the Society.

Articles Wanted

There is always a need for material for the Society's publications, both the Newsletter and the Journal. The Editor will welcome anything that relates to your experiences of Grayling and their habitats. Perhaps there have been improvement works on a river in your area, or problems with the creation of better habitat; perhaps some notable or not so notable catches - just a good day's fishing that you would like to share. Words or pictures are welcome, concerning places fished, new or familiar flies tied and used, tales of anglers from the past, or your own observations on Grayling and Grayling fishing in general.

All contributions are gratefully received.

Contact the Editor, Bob male - / +44 (0) 1722 503939.

Members Literature

The Grayling Society Magazine Grayling News

Grayling and Grayling News

As a member of the Society you will receive our publications, which, from the start of 2017 will include three copies of “Grayling”, the Journal of the Society, and one copy of “Grayling News”, the Society's Newsletter.

Both are professionally produced, full colour publications of very high quality. Grayling is an A5 magazine, which will usually be 48 pages, containing articles on various aspects of grayling ecology, conservation and welfare plus anecdotal and instructional pieces on angling and fly tying.

Grayling News is a 4 to 8 page A4 publication, which, from 2017, will focus on the Society's Annual Meeting and Symposium, communicating with members about place, time, guests, booking details and accommodation.

We have made these changes in response to the shift towards more rapid news dissemination happening through the Society's website and Facebook pages.

Read a sample article from Grayling

Download a copy of Grayling News (681kb)

The Grayling Angler's Guide

The Grayling Angler's Guide

Our popular booklet The Grayling Angler's Guide is available to Members Only. This guide gives advice on angling for grayling throughout England, Scotland and Wales and lists waters where Day Tickets or Season Tickets may be obtained for fishing for grayling on rivers famous and not so famous. The guide is updated every 2 years.

PLEASE NOTE - The Society is not an angling club and therefore does not own, or have any interest in, any angling waters. The Guide is produced as a service to members and is only available to fully paid-up Members of the Society.

Grayling Past Present and Future

Obtaining Copies of Publications

Anyone interested in grayling but who are not yet members of the Society, may obtain their own copies of the following publications by making contact with the Sales Officer.

Publications available 'free of charge' to all members and non-members are:

  • The Grayling Angling Code
  • Grayling, the Past, Present and Future
  • Information and Application for Membership to the Society
The Grayling Society Magazine

Publications available to members and non-members at a small cost per issue are:

Grayling - A limited number of mainly the last 4 or 5 issues, of our quality house magazine 'Grayling', the Journal of the Society are available at £3.50 per issue including post & packing in UK.

Grayling News - Some back copies of Grayling News at £2.50 per copy - including post & packing within UK.

Note: Any overseas postage will be at cost - so please enquire first.

Please e-Mail your requests for any of the above Publications in the first instance to our Sales Officer.